Cargo transportation in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other CIS countries from the United Arab Emirates,

    Asian Subcontinent, the Far East and Africa.



    As your Travel Agent advises you of the mode of travel best suited to your needs , budget and destination - so do we plan for your cargo.

    Name the destination and we will find the best Mode of Transportation(Sea Land Air) for your Container / Pallet / Drum / Box / Crate / Bundle / Bag - Commercial or Domestic in order to deliver it in the shortest possible time and at the most comfortable rates.

    Dubai to Russia , Russia to Brazil , Brazil to China, Congo to Kaula Lumpur – We will deliver


    Full Container Load

    With sailing schedules rarely deviating and most major reputed lines working with us , all Ports of the world accepting containerised cargo are accessible either directly or via a transshipment port .

    Less than Container Load

    One Cubic meter , One metric tonne or a 10 kilo pack- systems are in place to deliver any size ,shape and weight cargo to your destination with the same attention to detail that is the hallmark.

    Transit Cargo

    Positioned advantageously in Dubai, we are able to extend services to clients from as far as South Africa to do business with buyers in Russia, Europe CIS etc without their leaving their country. B2B connections are facilitated through Agents in various cities across the globe.

    Packing and Removals

    Household Removals with dismantling of the furniture , packing of HH effects and transporting them to the new home and reassembling the furniture along with unpacking of the goods complete with removal of the debris –as a package suited to the clients needs including the warehousing and storage in the event the dates do not match between leaving and possessing the new home.At comfortable rate that wont cost you the earth.

    Transportation- Local

    Local Transportation of cargo form the Warehouse to the showroom or from the Port to the Storage Site- we do them all economically and safely.

    Transportation- International

    Where Road Networks exist, transportation by long haul trucks, flat bed trailers, covered trucks, Pick ups

    Long 40 Ft Trailers with Custom BOND etc for Businesses that need to adhere to custom requirements turn to us.

    A World of Possibilities

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