Cargo transportation in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and other CIS countries from the United Arab Emirates,

    Asian Subcontinent, the Far East and Africa.



    Need to Store your goods in UAE for Distribution?

    Need to Clear the Cargo on time and distribute the same without having to be present there?

    Need a fully functional Office with attentive personnel who understand your and your customers needs without having to spend on opening an office/ renting a Warehouse / Hiring Personnel / depositing Huge Amounts with Customs / Paying Fees?

    Need the Facility Close to the Port of Jebel Ali and Save on Transport Costs?

    Willing to pay a lot lower than the actual costs involved if you do it personally and yet not lose customers due to Third Party delays in Delivery?

    If your answer is Yes! to all of the above Call / Mail / Fax us NOW

    Our warehouses are located in the free trade area. Reliable protection and safety.

    Equipment includes Forklifts for Professional Handling! A One Stop Shop for all your Shipping Needs including:

    Cross Stuffing
    ReXport Inspection for Duty Refunds
    Local Transportation from 1 CBM to¬ 1x20 / 1x40 ft Containers
    Export Documentation
    Collection of receipts etc
    All at One point.

    It's like having your OWN OFFICE without the attendant hassles - at an affordable price.

    A World of Possibilities

    U.A.E, SHARJAH,P.O. BOX 67632;

    Tel.:(+971 6)5482345
    Fax:(+971 6)5444704
    Mob.:(+971 52)9298080(english speaking)
    Mob.:(+971 50)1700266(russian speaking)